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SMT CR2032 Battery Holder and THM CR2032 Battery Holder-REEKART

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Update time : 2021-08-12 16:34:23
Dongguan reekart metal products has been dedicated to the high quality manufacture of Battery Holder,Battery Contact,Battery Clip, Metal Stamping Parts, RF Shield, Shrapnel, Terminals,
Connectors.We definitely have excellent capacity of satisfying customers' large orders by providing them with various products they want.

We have two type of regular cr2032 battery holder are widely used in many industries. Now let me intrdouce them for you.

One is SMT CR2032 battery holder, it can be picked and placed on SMT machines, that is easy for automatic installation. By doing this, it can help company to save labor cost and time cost.
Another is THM CR2032 battery holder, it can be soldered by hand.

These two types of cr2032 battery holder has excellent soldering quality, they are maded of phosphor bronze, the surface treatment is nickel plated.